Why choose Pietribiasi Michelangelo S.r.l.

Pietribiasi Michelangelo S.r.l. produces machines and plants for the food industry, especially for the processing of milk and its derivatives, and all liquid and semi-liquid foods.
The proposed solutions vary depending on customers’ requirements: the equipment and complete lines are designed and manufactured for the production process of milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt and fermented products, fruit juices and soft drinks, ice cream, wine and beer.

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Towards efficient and quality production.

Specialized in the manufacturing of these machines and plants, the professionals of the company are committed to searching for the best solutions that can not only optimize resources in the production processes, but also make the machine management more efficient, improving their performance.

Furthermore, Pietribiasi Michelangelo S.r.l. daily checks the quality of the raw materials and the functionality of the equipment, to always ensure customers, small producers and large industries, cutting edge products.

The Pietribiasi Michelangelo S.r.l. production range

Among its various available products, the company supplies milk reception and cooling units, plate and tubular heat exchangers, pasteurization and UHT plants, recombination and mixing plants, maturation, filling and packaging units, CIP washing units, homogenizers, separators and degassers, storage tanks, churns and forming units for butter production and processing, mini dairies on platforms for small-scale production and complete dairies.

All the items are also customized and supplied if necessary with all required accessories and spare parts.

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